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Customers have had amazing results with phytobiophysics because of the power of plants. Appointments from €70 per hour

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Phytobiophysics is the infinite energy of plants to harmonise the energy fields of the body eg: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Phytobiophysics assist in balancing the body’s innate self-healing mechanisms. They are made from the essence of thousands of plants and flowers gathered from all over the world and are combined to produce a resonating frequency of a very precise specification.

Phytobiophysics is a vibrational energy approach to balancing the meridians and systems of the human body. Health is harmony, disease disharmony and the vibration of plants or flowers have the capability to balance and harmonise energy blockages within our bodies which leads to self-healing.


Heart Lock Theory and phytobiophysics

Diana Mossop is the founder of the Institute of Phytobiophysics and the Heart Lock Theory.

The heart is capable of storing memories in the tissue of our physical body’s. Events or traumatic experiences throughout our life’s journey can impact on our health.

These experiences can include rejection, betrayal, shock, bereavement and are categorised as spiritual, mental, emotional or physical in nature. Kinesiology provides a gateway to the stored information of past experiences which in many cases impacts our health and wellbeing.



Benefits of phytobiophysics

Settle our emotions
Aids the use of nutrients from food
Encourages the body’s ability to heal

"I first visited Casey Therapies in June 2017 with my son Jack aged two. has a vast knowledge of the body and is able to combine his many therapies together to treat his patient which I think is quite unique. Jack is doing fantastic now walking, running, talking and over all a very happy child."

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"My son Joseph has made incredible progress since he began attending Casey Therapies. Noel is a gifted practitioner and I have witnessed outstanding improvement in my sons Joseph balance and coordination in no time. The treatments exceeded all of my expectations of what could be possible "


"My life was turned upside down with the end of my marriage. A friend recommended I try Casey therapies to help me cope with anxiety. From the first phone call noel was so easy to talk to and guided me to be a much more confident happy person with the different therapies we tried. I highly recommend Noel."


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Phytobiophysics is the infinite energy of plants to harmonise the energy fields of the body eg: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.



Kinesiology is an approach which focuses on the body self-healing mechanism. It is a non-invasive treatment which benefits meridian balancing, goal setting and muscle testing.

Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral therapy connects with the bodies cerebral spinal fluid to remove any restrictions affecting our health. CST is very effective for newborn babies or migraines.